Rates & Unit Information

Unit Size Price
5’ x 10’ $89.00 plus deposit
10’ x 10’ $139.00 plus deposit
10’ x 15’ $179.00 plus deposit
10’ x 20’ $209.00 plus deposit
10’ x 30’ $299.00 plus deposit

Climate Control Information

What is Climate Control?

Humidity controlled storage is the result of careful research on the best way to protect valuables over time. Originally, humidity control systems were developed to protect archives and sensitive electronics. The Smithsonian, Volvo, Boeing, and the U.S. Military have all trusted dehumidification technology to protect their equipment. Even today, Air Force One and Two are today protected in their hangars by humidity control systems.


Self Storage businesses began installing dehumidified air flow climate control for self storage spaces as it became apparent that lower humidity slowed the destructive forces of mold, mildew and corrosion.


Our Heceta Self Storage Climate Control is a centrally monitored and filtered air treatment system which flows dry and dehumidified lightly heated air throughout our humidity-controlled buildings.   This system operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.


You will always have continuous air flow through your individual storage unit here at Heceta Self Storage.  Don't be fooled by imitations - this is not a canned moisture-retardant or a system which only provides “heating”.   Some self storage facilities offer air flow from an air handler briefly (as little as one hour each day) and will only heat the air when ambient temperatures get close to freezing.  If another storage facility claims to have humidity control, be sure to ask for details.


One of the fundamentals of climate control is an understanding that warm air potentially carries more moisture or water content than cooler air.  Providing heated air to storage spaces may sound good, but without humidity control it results in potentially moving moister air than necessary around your belongings.  Most people are impressed with a climate control system that provides 24/7 air flow movement and full dehumidification at the same time.  While no dehumidification system can guarantee that molds or mildews will not grow, this is the best solution possible in the self storage industry.


Our dehumidification system is so effective that we are able to use it for storage spaces with large roll-up doors and drive-up access.  Just sixty minutes after you close the door to your self storage space, it will be back to a safe relative humidity level.  Certainly you can improve conditions by not opening your unit unnecessarily during rain showers or moist ambient conditions.  You can also use recommended storage practices such as placing a vapor barrier between your belongings and the concrete floor and storing your belongings spaciously to allow air flow around all contents.




Heceta Self Storage is conveniently located at the north end of Florence, between Munsel Lake Road and Heceta Beach Road on Highway 101.


We have high security fencing and gates with secure keypad access, closed circuit TV cameras, including night vision and Resident Managers onsite.


The Best Place for your Storage in Florence, Oregon



Our modern self storage facility offers safe and secure storage on the Central Oregon Coast. All of our units are climate controlled.

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